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The Six Branches Provide Services

   The Central Laboratory (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has a unique network for examining  agricultural commodities shipped worldwide.  The typical inspection  involves visual inspection and/or measurements to establish compliance with pre-defined specifications or international standards and regulations.  Consignments are inspected for defects and damages and/or sampled and tested at our state-of-the-art laboratories for specific performance characteristics.

Services include:
In Agriculture:
     Cleanliness inspection for containers, barges and ship cargo compartments
     Operations supervision
       Stock verification
       Weighting of agricultural commodities
       Loading, discharging and trans-shipment of agricultural commodities
     GMOs contamination verification on raw material supply chains
     Full out-turn guaranty for weight and quality of agricultural commodities

In Industries:
    Integrated Pest Control Management

In Consumer Testing:
    Product Inspection
      Sampling and Testing for Quality Determination
      Sampling for Pesticide Testing
      Sampling for Biomolecular Testing



     The Central Laboratory (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
also offers fumigation services.  Since the world food production still suffers substantial losses due to pests during post-harvest storage and commodity transport, an effective, reliable pest control program is needed to control and reduce damage inflicted by pests during trade, logistics and warehousing of agricultural commodities.
    Also, the globalization of trade implies the accelerated movement of wooden items throughout the globe.  This poses a threat to areas around the world as wood is a suitable host for some major pests.      
     Fumigation, stock protection and pest control are specialized areas where the   Central Lab Thai Inspection team has invaluable expertise.  Our countrywide network enables us to operate at a short notice in any port of the country. 

     The Central Laboratory (Thailand) Co., Ltd. fumigation services target not only agricultural customers who are mainly involved in the export of agricultural commodities, but also those who are in industries and private entrepreneurs seeking government approvals for exports:

In Agriculture:

    Fumigation of Cargo
    Fumigation of agricultural products: cereals especially rice, tapioca and tapioca products, cocoa, peanuts,   coffee, etc.
    Treatment of agricultural products against insects and mites
    Treatment in bulk, bagged commodities, stacks, silo, warehouses
    Fumigation in port related areas:
    Cockroach destruction in ships accommodation
    Disinfections of empty holds, planes
    Fumigations during storages: silos, warehouses and tanks
    Fumigation during transport: barges, trains, trucks, containers

In Industries:

    Disinfection and fumigation in food industries
      Flour mills
      Malt houses
    Pre-shipment treatment of wooden packaging materials
      Weir timbers

With government & institutions:                              
     Quarantine fumigation of wood and timber for Phytosanitary Certificates 

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